Cubicles Teaser Poster

I’ve had a lot of fun working on Cubicles (2023), an upcoming short film set in the grimey, neon, underground aesthetic of a club bathroom.

Stepping into this world of 90s acid house as a sound designer and co-composer was a great opportunity to learn from Mark Higgins PhD, who’s research specialises in synth music and rave culture from this era. Marko helped co-composer Billy Crook and I break down the instruments from the tracks that inspired us, so that we could build them back up again in our way. It was phenomenal to make this project so research-based and collaborative, I learned a lot more from it as a result.

The soundtrack and sound design are still in development, but you can enjoy an excerpt in the timelapse video below, where Billy and I are working on the score together.

Cubicles is directed by Zak Stevendale and produced by Bobby Joynes of Working Mind Studios, in association with Bristol Collaborative Arts.