Student at the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Bristol University

I am proud to be a student at the Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Bristol, where we develop problem solving, equitable collaboration and agile design systems thinking skills through team challenges based on a brief. We apply stakeholder profiling and ethnographic practice to assumptions testing and prototyping in human-centred design.

For projects ranging from a TikTok marketing campaign for UN women to enabling the visually impaired to access live sports events, I have developed and pitched professional business, value proposition and operations models to industry experts.

Detailed analysis of the markets, competitors and risk has allowed me to construct comprehensive financial forecasting and strategies towards achieving Key Performance Indicators.

To find out more about the business skills we develop, please explore the centre’s website. Also, have a look at gallery below to see some of the innovation projects I have been getting up to recently.

Project Gallery

Innovation Santander Scholarship Pitch

Wayfinding in Bristol: Drift Exercise

Value Evaluation Word Cloud

Leading a pitch on Redesigning Recycling Symbols

Downtime in the centre: work hard, play hard!

Using Trello for task management

Troublesome field study on a Bristol Bike

Presentation planning in an Innovation Booth

Leading the clustering and synthesis process

Using Miro to organise “How Might We”s

Concept Capture and Synthesis Diagramming

Ideating together