Music Marketing and Production Administrator for Richard Irwin Music

Rejoice My Soul Cover As Bright As A Rose Cover

Richard Irwin Music manages Hymns Without Words, an online database of music for worship used to accompany choirs and congregations internationally. Since 2019, I have been working with Richard Irwin in two different areas of his business: marketing and music production.

On the marketing side, I have curated the website content to maximise its SEO and developed a digital marketing strategy for social media channels and email to increase audience engagement, using tools such as a Later, MailChimp and Trello to streamline our workflow.

On the music side, I have been responsible for copyright registering his recordings with PRS and PPL and distributing his songs to streaming services through a digital aggregator. I have co-composed, conducted, recorded, edited, and mixed some of these recordings myself too.

It was a pleasure organising different studio ensembles and working with the composer Richard Irwin on editing the scores in real time during live recording sessions. This experience also gave me exposure to professional recording and studio mixing techniques for record production which I have implemented in my own recordings and compositions since.

“As Bright As A Rose” is the first of a pair of new anthems by Richard Irwin which I produced. I conducted, recorded, and mixed the recording of a four-part SATB choir which performed this baptism lullaby. Listen now on streaming services.

“Rejoice My Soul” is the second of the pair, performed by the same ensemble, written and composed by Richard M.S. Irwin, and written and produced by me. Listen now on streaming services.

"Mass in Waltz Time" by Conrad Irwin

Mass in Waltz Time” is a new musical setting of the ordinary mass by Conrad Irwin. As with other recordings for Richard Irwin Music and Hymns Without Words, I engineered, conducted, and produced this album with the four movements of the mass. I used a subtle chapel-like convolution reverb to mix and blend the singers’ independent voices.

What I particularly enjoyed about this music was the constant forward-movement of its gentle dance-like quality. This was brought out beautifully by the SATB choir, comprising of an octet of singers I’ve been delighted to work with before:

  • Soprano: Annie Garry, Lydia Torrington
  • Alto: Elizabeth Cotton, Rebecca Coleman
  • Tenor: Michael Burgess, Alex Robinson
  • Bass: Harrison Robb, James Ward

Listen to Mass in Waltz Time on all streaming services here.